Tivat islands

Unexplored, almost desert islands, only 5 minutes away from main TIvat waterfront.

Unjustly underrated, Tivat islands:  Sveti Marko , Prevlaka and Our Lady of Mercy, are Tivat bay pearls.

They witness the power of multi- cultural environment and harmony of Boka bay inhabitants through centuries.

A sanctuary of Catholic church with a monk living on it, preserving it’s beauty, Our Lady of Mercy, keeps the secret of Tivat bay underwater reef causing problems to the sailors and seamen. Always neat and cosy, standing across Island of Sveti Marko. A former Club Med resort, now covered mesmerizing veil of a desert island with clean beaches and rich vegetation.

Prevlaka, as third pearl, also known as Ostrvo cvijeća, is an orthodox sanctuary, with frequented monastery of Prevlaka martyr’s , is also spiritual oasis for tourists.