Rules and regulations


We trust our clients, and thus we created a service offering bareboat rent- rent without a skipper. You need to have a valid boat operating license, and experience of operating vesels of similar category. 

Of course, in order to keep things run smooth, we obey Montenegrin laws and authorities, and thus we are obliged to let our clients know the rules.

An important fact is that the maximum permitted speed of navigation in the entire Boka Bay (bay of Kotor, bay of Risan, bay of Tivat and bay of Herceg Novi) is 10 knots (10 kn).

In Kumbor strait (channel) and the strait of Verige maximum speed of navigation is 6 knots (6 kn). 

The above restrictions apply to all participants in maritime transport without exception as follows: passenger ships, yachts, boats, jet skis, boats, sailboats, catamarans, any other vessels types.

Boka bay is closed system with a lot of beaches and swimmers. The sea traffic, especially during the peak of the season is busy, too. Therefore, it is very important to obey speed limitations and shallow water parts.

Entering Blue Cave and submarine tunnels, as well as mooring in the bay, can be tricky, too. Here we have skilled staff. Ask us about any kind of vague issues, and locations you want to visit, so we give you heads up! You can always ask for assistance so our experienced skippers assist.

Please ask your Una agent about whereabouts and working hours of maritime petrol stations in Boka bay area, about distances and time of return.

All our boats are supplied with GPS tracker as well as AIS, so we monitor the locations and can easily be of assistance to all our clients. 

Safety and service is the strength backing us. Their 24 hours support in technical tasks, and expertize makes us different than others. Una Safety and Service is official Honda certified maintenance service.  Our Honda boat engines are maintained and monitored by them. They take care of the boat during winter time in their Dry Marina facilities, get them ready for summer and supply all with safety equipment.

As nautical boat leader ll boats are supplied by safety equipment required by the law, but we even went a bit further, as expected from nautical leaders in Montenegro, so all the signal flares, smoke bombs,  binoculars, VHFs.. are checked during the boat check before your departure.