„Navigare necesse est“  is the motto we adopted  and understood truly since the very moment we have felt the chemistry of sails and wind. We fell in love and our goal is to make you fall in love, too. 

Thus we have created several services we offer to all of our clients in order to provide the opportunity to feel the wind on your face.  Sail away on our Jeanneau sailboats, and enjoy Boka bay scenery.

We will make perfect stops. We will take you to best beaches. You will eat best food. We will show you the magic.

We will use the power of the wind to sail along coasts. You will get to try it yourselves. For skilled and certified ones-  we will approve bare boat sail charter. We will set the cabins for your sleep and provide you with the best tips, nautical charts and secrets of the coast. We will help you tailor the best itinerary.