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National Park Lovćen

Lovćen mountain is the natural guardian of Boka bay. National park Lovćen hides the spectacular hinterland covered by a paradise of green color. This area tells the gastronomic story as well. You will find various inns offering national food with inevitable ham (pršut) and cheese. There is nothing as spectacular as Lovćen view points overlooking whole Boka bay. A viewer has a feeling having the whole fjord on the palm of his hand. Going up more of the adventure awaits. One of the peaks of Lovćen is the home of Mausoleum of Petar Petrović Njegoš, the great Montenegrin ruler.

Skadar Lake

Central region of Montenegro is taken by Skadar lake national park. It is the biggest natural lake in the Balkans. It is nested between Montenegro and Albania. It’s flora nad fauna are stunning. after ruising the lake, you need to try birdwatching tour while cayaking on the lake, since the lake is natural habitat of several endemic bird spieces. The lake si rich with fish thus opening the space for variety of national dishes. One can’t say to have visited the lake without trying “krap” (spare rib) or “ukljeva”. Crmnica vine sorts, which you can try in Virpazar are logical solution after the fish. Local pastry with honey are also a “must”.

North Montenegro

Actually the most interesting fact about Montenegro is that in two and a half hours ride you can get from sunbathing and snorkeling to the 2000 meters above the sea winter resort with a glacier to skii on. That opens a brand new spectrum of beauty - Northern kingdom of Montenegrin nature. Rising up above the Central region the Northern area is a total opposite from the seaside landscape: mountains, thick pine woods and steep grass slopes. Durmitor, the greatest mountain of the mountain wreath of Montenegro, decorated with emerald glacial lakes 18 of them are the true pearl all year round. River Tara where rafting is the way of living. Have we said that it is only 2 and a half drive away from the seaside- the amazing Boka kotorska? Exploring is up to you! /big>